We are with you every step of the way from consultation to wedding day. Curating a personal proposal of ideas and concepts and draw over twenty years of experience to turn your dream to reality.


From providing flowers, props, styling to venues such as the Dorchester, Mamhead House and The Nancy Victor Gallery to just name a few. We are used to catering  for film, tv, weddings and events.


Whether launching your latest product line or exhibition we like to please our clients and make them proud. Curating unique flower styles to impress. With over twenty years experience working with high profile clients our standards are high.


We enhance your environment to complement your products. Creating a floral style that blends with your brand. We offer weekly installation maintenance services to floral and plant displays.


Dining out or entertaining requires a visual experience. We curate something personal and innovative to complement and enhance your clients dining experience with the right combination of flowers or plants.


We design and style flowers according to your specification and space. No matter if a special occasion or for your home, venue, event or film. We would be delighted to create a jaw dropping experience for you.


Dining out is a visual experience. Where the client comes first and the dining experience requires the correct combination of flowers or plants. We enhance the environment using over twenty years experience.


We craft an environment that complements your luxury brand. Creating a floral style that blends seamlessly with your products. From offering a floral display to a plant and maintaining installations on a weekly basis.


We are always delighted to be involved with public or private events. With over twenty years experience, we personally source, craft and design the correct ingredients that fit your vision. To create innovative ideas.